NInja Assassin 2 Mobile Game

Ninja Assassin 2: new version with features to fight PvP, Battle and Arena.

Ninja Assassin 2 release from a tons requests in Ninja Assassin first version. We make this version for all players who want to play with their friends in battle mode.

Still keep all of weapon, shuriken, energy bomb and the game concept and in addition this version support survival, campaign, battle, arena, league… more fight, more fun.

More hero missions

More hero missions come with a lot of more boss and enemies. You will not see too much different things in the first fight but when you are strong enough, you will see the strong boss for you to fight. Other than that, the AI design from server will make sure you found a deserve opponent in battle mode.


Just like the first version, you need to survive as long as you can to beat the highest score. The game engine will base on this score to know how clever you are and how strong of you in ninja world.


You will have chance to pass stage by stage. Each stage you will need to defeat one or more boss in the same time to get over.


Battle mode only unlock after you finish the campaign stage 5. We need to make sure you are strong enough to fight.


Arena mode only unlock if you finish stage 20 in campaign mode. In arena mode you need to fight in the same time with a group of ninja. You survival longer, you win. That ‘s why this mode need you have to be a strongest ninja to join.


You will have chance to know how clever you are to compare the ninja skill with other players in the same HP/Power level. We will have daily cups and weekly cups reward for a top 10 ninja.

So, the fighting is only way for you, Ninja!

Ninja Assassin Features

– Ninja experience design
– Cool skill and upgrade system
– Real feeling sword and action
– A lot of missions
– Daily Reward System and Ranking

We always love to hear from you to make the game better. Please tell us about our game via: