Dragon Z Saiyan Blast War

Dragon Z Saiyan Blast bring player to Ultimate Battle of Dragon Blast War!

Dragon Z Saiyan Blast will give you a feeling that you are super saiyan – SSJ and you are fighting in big Battle to save the saiyan planet.

4.8 stars on Google Play

Dragon Z Saiyan Blast WarGoogle Play4.8

5 stars on Appstore

Dragon Z Saiyan Blast WarAppstore5

Cool skill and upgrade system

The game is crazy easy to play with a simple skill system. You touch everywhere to fire Ki Blast. Other than that, you will have chance to use skill like Kamehameha, Continuos Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb what ‘s amazing strong.

Simple graphic user interface

Another nice feature of the game what all of you will like is the way to play with full MULTI TOUCH support. You can play many people in one screen, the game support as many as device multi-touch support. Let’s say if you device support multi-touch 10 points, then you can fire 10 ki blast in the SAME TIME.

You will be stronger than ever

Other than that, the special skill Dragon Recall will support really soon in some next version what bring you another cool skill to get over all boss.

A lot of boss

More than 10 boss with the strength with make you crazy time by time.
A lot of challenges are waiting for you. Just need you figure out


Very good.

Leonardo Santos Carlos

Improve You guys have to find a way to make coin collecting process faster

Wilson Kong

Bien Soy jogan súper

Toni Rivera


Karley Ferreira

awesome I loved it but could have more powers

Rainbow_YouTuBer _PoTaTo

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