Shadow of Dragon Fighters

Epic battle of super shadow heroes for any fighting fan. Transform and Fight now

Epic battle of super shadow heroes for any fighting fan. Transform and Fight now

Shadow of Saiyan

Loved by million players, Shadow of Saiyan is an epic fighting battle mobile game what focus on super skills and transform to super SSJ, so player need to be very strong to get over all of monsters. Be a strongest dragon heroes with unlimited skill to control the universal.

There are more than 100 super transformations, you can transform to SSJ, SSGSS, SSJ Blue, SSJ White, SSJ Rose, SSJ Kaio ken …. Is it amazing strong? You will feel how strong it is in this area battle of Ultimate SSJ.

Super skills

The game support kamehameha, ki blast, continues kamehameha, dragon recall, spirit bomb … in very cool graphics and SFX fighting. Other than that, you have change to upgrade the strength of your skills to make it fast and more powerful. The upgrade system help you make sure you can defeat all of bosses and monsters.

In this game, you can have one-fight-one or one-fight-many in one battle. But don’t worry, you will be strong enough to defeat all of enemies.

Amazing upgrade system

The weapon system in game is just hand attack and super skills. The hand attack will not take you power but the super skills will take power base on how strong it is. More high SSJ level, you will get more power to use.

The character system was designed to have all of heroes with all of skills and strategy to fight. More battle you join, more attack tactic you will need to defeat enemies.


– Easy to control with touch pad and skill button
– Very easy to join the gameplay in the first look even no tutorial
– Many super skills were supported
– Cool graphics and SFX
– Addictive gameplay
– More than 100 super saiyan transform
– Powerful upgrade system and nice SSJ design
– Easy to share friends and fight with friends