Hexa Battle Block Puzzle is a puzzle game for anyone what focus to battle PvP.

Hexa Battle Block Puzzle

Hexa Battle Block Puzzle with a very simple way to play, you just need to move a puzzle block pieces to the right position, you can finish the block puzzle easily. But it will challenge a lot if you go to the higher level where we have many blocks, it will not easy to fill up.

Every puzzle challenge only take you around one or two minutes to finish, so it will be a good killing time game but it also keep your mind brainstorm to refresh.

PvP Puzzle Game

If you are in stress and need a game to relax then this game should be a nice choice since it will make you thinking in a very easy way.

We design the game so you can play with friends and other players, you can find an opponent in a battle to challenge them. Who finish the puzzle game first, he/she will win and get reward.



– Drag and drop the hexa block to the right position.
– Keep your eyes in timer, you finish faster you earn more stars. But don’t worry much because the timer will not make you lose the level.

A tons levels of hexa battle block challenge puzzle are waiting for you. Let’s play now.
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